Degrease Motors

Use water hose or pressure washer with water only to wash off loose debris and wet area to be cleaned.  While engine is still wet, spray concentrated TKO on entire area.  Allow 10-15 minutes to emulsify grease and oil.  Rinse area with water from hose or pressure washer.  No toxic fumes and no danger to your skin or the vehicle's paint!  TKO works well on a cold engine, but works even better if the engine is warm (but not hot).


Use general mix to clean carpets, upholstery and interior panels.  Allow time to emulsify on stains.  Will remove grease, oil, tar, coffee, etc. from carpets and upholstery.  If heavily soiled, textured vinyl may need soft brush to clean thoroughly.  Use mist mix for windows.  If streaks appear, solution is too strong.  Add more water.  Makes a great deodorizer!


Remove road tar, grease or oil by spraying concentrate followed by a mist of water.  Allow time to emulsify and wipe off.  May need to reapply TKO if tar is heavy or has been there a long time.
Remove bugs and tree sap with light mix.  Spray on, allow a minute or two to emulsify, and wipe off.

Whitewall tires:  Spray general to strong mix on tires, give time to emulsify, then wipe off.  May need to use soft brush to help loosen grime.

Chrome shines like new by using mist to light mix.

Oil on Pavement

Spray strong mix on oil stain, or wet it with water and spray concentrate.  Allow 5-10 minutes to emulsify.  Work stain with old broom to help break up the oil.  Hose off with water.  This will remove all of the oil from the surface, but if the pavement is particularly porous, and a light stain remains, you may use a carpet cleaning machine with water and TKO instead of shampoo to remove the remaining stain.  The carpet cleaner forces the TKO into the pores and sucks it back out, along with the oil.

*  Ideal to carry a bottle of mist mix while traveling to keep windshield free of bugs! *