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Natures Pure Orange

Natures Pure Orange

Natures Pure Orange

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Brand: Natures Pure Orange

Details: Nature’s Pure Orange Super Concentrate Cleaner is a one-step answer for household and institutional uses including counter tops, floors, sinks, carpets, air fresheners, exhaust hoods, upholstery, grease traps, dishwashing liquid, detergent, and adhesive removal. It is a revolutionary formulation made with citrus terpenes and plant-derived surfactants. It can be used in its pure form, blended with other solvents, or easily emulsified to make water-soluble cleaning products.

This product is a clear concentrate of d-Limonene, citrus components, and a new micro-emulsion technology. D-Limonene is 100% bio-based and is GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) rated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). D-Limonene is a safer alternative to toxic, hazardous, and dangerous petroleum-derived chemicals.

Nature’s Pure Orange contains no phosphates, no nonylphenol ethoxylates, no DEA, and no TEA.

Made in USA, Florida. Bottled in Florida. Family owned and operated.

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